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We’re The Westchester County HVAC Company
That Never Misses A THING

It’s Our JOB To Notice The Details — And We Take That Very Seriously

“Innovative Air was built on the idea of doing things right. There’s no other way.”

We tell our employees — if nothing else sticks, KNOW THIS: If you’re not going to do the job RIGHT, you might as well not do it at all.

For us, attention to detail doesn’t just mean making sure every screw is tightened and every piece of ductwork fits perfectly. Of course it means all that — but it also means taking the time for little tweaks and hacks that make your life easier. Like elevating outside condensers on four-inch blocks and placing it on a plastic anti-vibration pad. Most HVAC companies install outside condensers squarely on the ground, without any buffer.

Every Dollar You Spend On Energy Is Going To The Right Place

When you spend money on making your home comfortable, we understand that you want to make sure you’re not throwing money into a black hole. That’s why we SHOW you that every single dollar you spend is going to the right place.

We do this by making sure every piece of ductwork we do is custom cut. We don’t believe in jamming a box-shaped piece of ductwork into a round hole — that’s asking for disaster.

Most companies try to fit the equipment they have into the existing ductwork. It’s much cheaper, less labor-intensive, and less time-consuming that way.

But we don’t believe in doing a job halfway.

We Have An In-House Carpenter Because WE DON’T TAKE CHANCES

You’d be hard-pressed to find an HVAC company with a carpenter on their team. But we do. Not only does he know the ins and outs of construction — he’s a true carpentry artist.

Here’s how that came about:

  • We hired a carpenter to renovate our office in 2016. He had 28 years of general contracting under his belt, so we were confident that he’d do an excellent job.
  • We knew he’d do a good job. But the end result ABSOLUTELY BLEW US AWAY.
  • That’s when we decided we needed him on board.
  • Lots of HVAC related jobs need carpentry on some level. Most companies just hack it on their own…and the customer usually ends up with an aesthetically unpleasing or faulty job.
  • When we’re dealing with attic storage, decking, pull-down steps, holes that need to be cut in sheetrock…you name it — we have a carpentry guru in our arsenal. We keep our carpenter close so that we can do every job to PERFECTION.
  • Do you want to hire an HVAC company that gets it RIGHT every time? Contact Innovative Air.

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