Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing

Innovative Air Van

Ultra-Thorough Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing
For Westchester County Homes

Keeping Your Ducts Clean Is Critical To The Health
Of Everyone In Your Home.

Duct cleaning and sanitizing SHOULD be on your list.

Here’s why:

The air you breathe is only as clean as its transportation system. It might start off clean, but if your air has to travel through ducts that are clogged with dirt, mold, and allergens, by the time you breathe it in — it’s definitely NOT clean.

Don’t make your body work extra hard to rid your system of the sludge from every breath you draw.

There’s an easier solution — sanitize your air’s transportation system. When your ducts are squeaky clean, you’ll be breathing in fresh and uncontaminated air all day every day.

Innovative Air is HYPERFOCUSED on every small detail. When we’re done with your ducts, you’ll probably be able to eat off them.

22 Years And Going STRONG

No matter how much education, training, or natural talent you have, the most important lessons can only be learned through experience.

And we have LOTS of that.

  • We perfected the way we do things until we got it down to a science. This means that we avoid making time-wasting and money-wasting mistakes.
  • We pinpointed our areas of weakness and worked on coming up with ways to improve.
  • Most of our employees have been working for us for 10-15 years, and some have been with us for 22 years. They know pretty much everything there is to know about the HVAC industry, and they’re incredibly dedicated.
  • Over the years, we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. We learned from every single mistake we made. We never stop learning and improving.

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