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5 Important Parts Of Our HVAC Services In Westchester County

October 24, 2022

5 Parts Of Our Comprehensive HVAC Services
That Are Important In Westchester County

See What Local Homeowners Are Saying

There are 5 specific parts of our HVAC Services that are of great importance to Westchester County homeowners (not to mention plumbing, air quality, and insulation services):

  1. Communication
  2. Pricing
  3. Reliability
  4. Trustworthiness
  5. Professionalism

In this article, we’re using genuine feedback to demonstrate these points. We’ve pulled them from our hundreds and hundreds of 5-Star Reviews on different platforms for our HVAC services. Let’s take a couple of minutes to look at each.


Learn more about our approach to Communication.

No matter what kind of home improvement you invest in, 80% of what makes an overall experience great or not…involves communication. Or, in other words, the relationship you build with the contractor you hire to come into your life and improve it!

Wonderful company. They were super responsive on the phone and happily answered my many… MANY questions. I absolutely recommend Innovative Air Solutions. They helped my Aunt and me out with making sure our AC was ready for summer. The tech was on time, honest about the additional costs of the filter and refrigerant before using it, and very friendly. We’re signing up for their annual membership program!

Lyndsey H.

Sure thing. No matter how many questions or concerns you have during the process, we’re happy and available to address them. Our crews aren’t just trained in how to treat our customers, they’re also friendly, awesome people!


Explore the best-of-the-best Products we use.

Because each and every project is unique, it’s hard to give you a blanket statement in terms of pricing. There are just too many variables, depending on what services you need. However, we’re not a ‘cheap’ option. We stand behind our long-lasting, high-value, and high-performance products and materials.

On time. Friendly. Competent. Trustworthy. Quite a positive experience. Grateful for their good work. They were highly recommended to me by others in this area and did not fail to meet expectations. Coming from the UK recently, it felt pricey to me, but it’s normal for this area and almost certainly fair for Westchester, but in my view worth it for the quality. I fully intend to continue using them in the future. Just such a relief to have folks who know what they’re doing. Fantastic. And highly respectful of property. True professionals.”

John M.

Like you, we care about quality. One example is Trane line. They’ve been in business for over a century and have continued to improve their products to make them more durable.


Check out our Pearl Certification.

We have many long-time customers and get many referrals because we’re among the top 3% of HVAC companies nationwide, sporting the coveted Pearl Certification. What’s that? It’s the golden standard in our industry.

Always a pleasant experience with knowledgeable technicians who answer any questions we have about our systems and do a terrific job looking after a bunch of complicated equipment. Plus, they are always really nice guys! A responsive, professional company that we’ve used for 15+ years and would highly recommend.

Kim C.

To maintain the certification, we’re independently vetted and verified and must abide by industry-best heating, cooling, and insulation practices. Our HVAC services better serve our Westchester County communities.


Dig into the Core Values that drive Innovative Air Solutions.

Highly recommend Innovative Air. They’re a knowledgeable, fair, clean, friendly team who completed a complex job in under a week. Very courteous and detail-oriented. Constantly cleaning and making sure they were not in our way during the installation. The man who came to install the thermostat was super helpful and spent time going over the details with me. Trustworthy to leave alone all day and very clean at the end of each day. Would work with them again in the future.

Maura C.

We believe in integrity. We believe in respect. We believe in accountability. We believe in compassion, and we believe in trust. Without these values and principles woven through the tapestry of our business, we would never have made it this far and grown to the size we are today.


See why we put so much emphasis on Attention To Detail.

This company is, in my opinion, the most professional I’ve seen. They were respectful enough to put shoe covers on when entering and kept me informed all throughout the installation process. True professionals who take good care and pride in their work. Definitely recommend.

Francis M.

To us, professionalism is in the details. You deserve products and systems built and installed properly and an HVAC contractor who cares about the little tweaks and hacks that make your life easier. We even have carpenters on our team to ensure each project is flawless.

Do We Sound Like Your Kind Of Company?

If these are also important things you look for in a contractor or really anyone you do business with, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. You can call (914) 855-1888 around the clock and use the contact form or book an appointment on our website. We look forward to meeting you, talking about our HVAC services, and thanks for your time today.

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