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Benefits Of A Whole House Water Filtration System

November 15, 2022

Benefits Of A Whole-House Water Filtration

From Cleaner Bathing To Healthier Drinking,
All The Reasons Homeowners Want One

Many homeowners rely on water filtration devices the best plumbing company to improve the quality of their water. Refillable options from the local hardware store can be beneficial for drinking purposes, but what about the rest of the house?

To ensure all your water is up to par, you might want to consider installing a whole-house water filtration system. A whole-house water filtration system offers extensive benefits that far outweigh those you can buy in a store.

Contaminants can enter your water from many sources, and you must ensure the water throughout your home is safe for your family. There is also the potential for high levels of minerals to affect the water’s taste or the efficiency of machines like your dishwasher. Filtering the water at the point where you use it is the best solution to these problems.

These are the benefits of installing a whole-house water filtration system in your Westchester County, NY, home.

Improve The Quality Of Your Drinking Water

The number one benefit of a whole-house water filtration system is the improvement in drinking water quality. Even though your household water most likely comes from a water treatment facility, there is still the potential for hazardous materials to be present. These include things like lead. Additionally, they often add fluoride and chlorine to the water.

A whole-house filtration system installed by a professional plumbing contractor will remove these contaminants, ensuring your family only has the safest water to drink. It’s an excellent investment in the health and well-being of everyone in your household.

You’ll notice a much more palatable taste along with improved safety. Water filtration will eliminate the unpleasant flavors by removing chlorine and fluoride, leaving you with pure great-tasting water.

Enjoy A More Effective Bath Or Shower

For individuals with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, excessive minerals in the water can lead to irritation and flare-ups. Unfiltered water that’s full of impurities can also make soap harder to lather, causing a need to use more than what’s usual to take an effective bath or shower.

Filtered water in the bathroom would alleviate both of these problems, making bathing more comfortable for those with skin conditions and saving money on soap.

Additionally, even when deemed safe, elevated chlorine levels can irritate the skin and eyes, so having it filtered out can go a long way toward making your shower more comfortable. Bathing in water with chemicals can be just as harmful as drinking it because your skin will absorb some of the chemicals.

Save Money On Bottled Water

Access to filtered water can also reduce the need to buy bottled water, saving you significant money in the long run. While the upfront investment is more than buying a case of water, the actual cost of 1 liter from a whole-home filtration system is much less than what it costs at a store.

You’ll also be reducing your environmental footprint by not having a lot of bottles that go to waste. Even if you correctly dispose of your bottles, they are not guaranteed to be recycled.

Decrease The Possibility Of Plumbing Issues

Contaminants frequently found in water can also cause plumbing problems, including corrosion. They can also damage any of the appliances that use water. Filtering out these contaminants is the best way to avoid severe issues requiring plumbing repair services.

More Efficient Water-Using Appliances

A whole-home water filtration system can improve the function and efficiency of your water-using appliances. They will use soap more effectively and do a better job of cleaning. The result will be cleaner clothes and sparkling dishes that were not possible from the unfiltered water.

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