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How We Choose The Brands

February 14, 2023

Learn About How Innovative Air Chooses Which Brands To Offer To Our Westchester County Customers

And What That Means For You During An Emergency

Imagine you’re neck-deep in winter. It’s a crisp 10–20 degrees in the Westchester County area…and your heater calls it quits.

Great…just what you needed.

You hop online, quickly search for a local contractor, and hit the first number within thumb-reach.

No answer. Ugh!

You try another and get a rather impersonal secretary who says she’ll have a plumber out there within three or four hours.


The plumber arrives, does a quick inspection, calls someone, and by the look on their face, you can tell they didn’t get an answer you’re going to like. It turns out the heater’s circuit board couldn’t take it and died.

UNFORTUNATELY, they don’t have any more in stock, and neither does their vendor.

It’ll be a while…

The Innovative Air Difference

After decades in business, we’ve built relationships that ensure we can take care of our customers year-round. This was done by working with well-established brands sitting on proven reputations. They’re known for the quality of their products and experience in our local marketplace.

At Innovative Air, we’ve paid our dues, and now we benefit from the close ties we’ve maintained for 23+ years!

What would that mean for you if you were part of our customer family?

  • A good percentage of our relationships revolve around local/regional vendors.
  • Even if a brand is the best thing since sliced bread, we’re not going to get involved unless we can have a great relationship with their vendor – who, themselves, are rockstars!
  • This means if you need help and there’s an emergency or a recurring issue, we can get hold of a field rep with access to parts that may not be on the shelf locally.

How About An Example?

Sure, let’s go with Unico System out of Missouri. They have a wide presence and plenty of equipment here in Westchester County. We’ve been building our relationship with them for over 23 years. Their rep is out of Long Island, and we meet with him on the phone quarterly to chat about issues, problems, projects, etc. There are usually three or four of us on the call.

So, if we need a circuit board and there isn’t one on the shelf, they’ll go and dismantle a unit on the floor for us and get the part we need. Then, once your repair is complete and we get another circuit board, they’ll replace the one we borrowed. It’s that simple.

Over the years, we’ve actually done this kind of thing dozens of times.

Looking For Seasoned HVAC/Plumbing Services?

When you choose a company with a passion for their craft, who takes service seriously and knows their industry like the backs of their hands… the entire experience from A to Z is better. If you run into HVAC/plumbing trouble or have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact the professionals at Innovative Air.

We’re honored to serve our Westchester County customers!

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