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It’s All Or Nothing For Innovative Air

February 3, 2022

Welcome To The Westchester HVAC Company

We’re The Only Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, And Insulation
Company That Has Everything Under One Roof

The plumber said the HVAC guys should take care of it. The HVAC tech said it’s the plumber’s responsibility.

Sounds familiar?

When you hire a contractor who’s only trained in a narrow domain, you end up with gaps in the work, miscommunication, and finger pointing. Dealing with multiple companies is draining and time consuming, and the fallout is stressful.

Heating, cooling, insulation, plumbing…they’re all many different pieces of ONE large puzzle. And that’s why we do them ALL.

ONE Phone Call, ONE Team

Many contractors are only licensed and trained in very specific fields. For example, they ONLY deal with heating and cooling…so guess what happens when they encounter a plumbing issue? You need to start hunting for a licensed plumber.

And then when they identify some insulation problems…you need to start searching for another contractor who’s experienced with insulation.

You hired one company, and now you ended up on a merry go round of different companies, different contracts, different schedules and varying work ethics. You need to keep track of all of them. And more often than not, they don’t work well together. Of course, you as the homeowner end up being left with all of their messes.

Here’s a VERY different picture: You make ONE phone call to Innovative Air and you deal with ONE team — for everything related to your HVAC system, plumbing, and insulation.

In-House Culture

At Innovative Air, it’s not JUST about having heating, cooling, plumbing, and insulation services under one roof — our CULTURE is an in-house culture. This means that we work together in one holistic system and we’re all responsible for each other.

We never have communication tangles because all details and technicalities are conveyed internally, among our own.

We never leave the customer to “figure things out” because we take care of a job from start to finish.

We never shove responsibility onto another company, because if there’s a problem WE’RE the ones who take care of it.

So, how does this play out for you?

Here’s how:

  • You hire Innovative Air to repair your furnace. After inspecting your furnace, we determine that your furnace just needs some minor repairs but your attic insulation is faulty — that’s why your home doesn’t heat up properly.
  • Instead of leaving you to deal with that, we call in our highly trained insulation experts to insulate your attic properly. No need to hire a new company. And no need for you to break your teeth trying to explain something you may not understand fully yourself.

Experience This Yourself!

Contact Innovative Air, the Westchester HVAC company that leaves NO LOOSE ENDS.

Most of our employees are cross-trained. This means that they have a thorough knowledge of HVAC and insulation and plumbing. If we see a problem, we take care of it. PERIOD. We don’t farm out work. We don’t leave the customer hanging. And we don’t EVER leave until we fully finish your project.


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