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February 17, 2023

Obsessive Cleanliness Has Set Innovative Air Apart In The Local Remodeling Industry

We’re Known Across The County As Bonafide Neat Freaks

When Innovative Air got started here in Westchester County decades ago, our founders were brothers fresh out of college who honestly didn’t know much about residential HVAC, plumbing, or home insulation.

They didn’t study home remodeling either, but there was one thing they could TRULY excel at from day one that set us apart from the average local contractor…


Even when our experience was lacking, we knew we could differentiate ourselves and take sincere pride in our company and how we chose to put food on the table by:

  • Keeping our work vans impeccably clean, inside and out (we actually still get compliments about this every now and then) – and keeping tools organized.
  • Showing up on time, in clean uniforms, neatly identified.
  • Wearing booties in our clients’ home and ensuring we don’t track dirt or dust around (techs are trained to avoid walking around your house).
  • Being very liberal with drop cloths as well to protect the house from the entry door to the project site.
  • Building isolation rooms when necessary to stop dust from going everywhere and keep the project contained.
  • Spending time each day to clean up and not leave ANY mess for you to deal with.
  • We DON’T leave any garbage behind. We take it with us.

In essence, we pride ourselves on leaving your house, or the area we’re working in, cleaner than when we arrived. It’s critical. And it works. We often find we could be in a home for five days straight and make less mess than another contractor who’s only been around for a few hours!

Common Courtesies Go A Long Way

We also set ourselves apart early on through common courtesies and respect. These small acts go a long way when you don’t have lots of experience under your belt to impress people.

Some easy examples would be communicating with you or touching base with you before we move things around or go into particular spaces. Or reaching out and letting you know beforehand if we think there’s going to be added noise or dust around so you can avoid it.

Because the last thing we want is for you to come home at the end of the day and have to deal with a mess, or with unexpected disruptions, and so on. it’s a real bummer!

We’ve always emphasized cleanliness and the small details that make the final polish stick out. Because, at the end of the day, it’s what people see.

But you can see fingerprints. You can tell if no one’s swept up or cleaned the driveway of debris. You can’t miss sloppy workmanship and can feel it when someone in your home doesn’t show proper respect.

Wrapping Up: We Can’t Remember The Last Time…

Are we going to say we NEVER get calls to come clean something up. Something we missed? Never once in over twenty-three years? No. We’re not perfect. But it’s been so long that even after getting together to remember a time…we couldn’t come up with anything!

Regardless, rest assured, if there’s a mess, we’ll take care of it. Even if we have to hire a cleaning company, we’ll handle the situation promptly and professionally. Curious to learn more about our team at Innovative Air? Reach out and contact us today or visit our website for more information. Thanks!

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