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Permit Or NO DEAL

February 3, 2022

Why You Should ONLY Use A Westchester HVAC Contractor That
Pulls An HVAC Permit On Every Job

Hint: It’s THE LAW

Here’s the thing about a permit. It’s not an extra boost or a handy thing to have — it’s a hardcore MUST HAVE. Every single Westchester HVAC contractor MUST obtain an HVAC permit from a building department in Westchester county in order to be allowed to work LEGALLY.

Here’s the other thing about an HVAC permit. It takes work to get one. You need to understand the process, and you need to be dedicated to getting it. To give you an idea of the kind of effort involved — we spend around $250,000 a year in administration costs to obtain permits.

Here’s why you absolutely should NEVER EVER hire a contractor who thinks getting an HVAC permit is optional.

You’re Left With A MESS To Deal With

The code written for these permits is usually the MINIMUM. If your HVAC contractor didn’t bother to get an HVAC permit and has no relationship with the building inspector you can bet he’s operating with NO license and NO insurance.

So, let’s break that down. He’s breaking the law by operating without an HVAC permit. He’s doing less than the code requires — which is below the minimum. He’s not licensed to work in the county. And he has no warranty or insurance whatsoever.

What does this mean for you? This means he has NO OBLIGATION to you. Whatever he messes up in your home — you’re 100% responsible for it.

After all is said and done, you’re left with an illegal HVAC system that probably functions at a suboptimal level — and a contractor in the wind.

At Innovative Air we have a strict set of values that inform everything we do. Doing everything the right way is extremely important to us. When we work on your HVAC system, you can be CERTAIN that we’re doing everything legally.

Good Luck Selling Your Home

We get calls DAILY from homeowners who are desperately trying to sell their homes…but they’re stuck. Once you have an illegal HVAC system in your home, you’ll need to twist yourself into knots to get it legalized.

Legalizing work done in your home starts at $3500. No matter how handy you are as a homeowner, you’re not legally allowed to do this kind of work yourself. This whole process holds up closing, inspection, loses buyers and deals. In a word: it’s a HEADACHE.

Innovative Air Does It RIGHT

Doing everything the RIGHT way, the LEGAL way, and the MORAL way is extremely important to us. Contact Innovative Air to take care of your HVAC needs. You can feel 100% confident that we have your back.


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