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See What Happened When These Customers Went On Vacation

October 31, 2022

These Homeowners Handed Us The Keys To
Their Home Then Went On Vacation

See What They Thought When They Got Back!

In today’s article, we’d like to share a story about a sizeable residential HVAC project we did in beautiful Briarcliff Manor. Before we began, the homeowners handed us the keys and went on vacation, leaving their beautiful 10,000 square foot sanctuary at our mercy…

How did we earn their trust? Had we worked for them before? No, this was our first project together. And we believe it was a mixture of our local reputation + hundreds of reviews, and our Core Values (which we wear on our sleeves).

It’s more common than you might think. This couple with a large family didn’t want to be around while our crew installed 5 HVAC zones over 5-6 weeks.

  • A ‘zone’ is a section of AC in your home, including indoor and outdoor units and all the controls and ductwork that goes with it.
  • We break large HVAC projects into sections to make planning and approaching area by area easier.
  • For this family, zones included one for the master bedroom/suite/bathroom and another was all four kid’s bedrooms. The 3rd floor was another zone, then the kitchen/center hall, living room, and so on.

What Happened? They Were Puzzled When They Got Back

Not long after they got home from their vacation, we got a call. They were puzzled – and this is no joke – because, from their perspective…it didn’t look like any work had been done!

They thought, how could this be? No dust.

Are they not finished? No open windows.

Have they even begun? No mess.

Did we get taken for a ride? No unlocked doors.

We were regular and consistent with our updates and Communication with them while they were on vacation (back & forth, getting approvals – largely left to our discretion), but they saw no evidence of a crew of men working around their home for weeks.

But yes, indeed, we were THAT careful, considerate, and professional. At Innovative Air, we take the details seriously. Although it was a complex, custom project where we constantly went in and out of their home without any supervision or representative of the homeowners keeping tabs on us, everything was perfect.

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction & Our Pearl Certification

Have you heard of the Pearl Certification? This is the highest standard certification for HVAC companies. It means we’re independently verified here in Westchester County and follow a set of industry-best practices for heating, cooling, and insulation.

Like the GAF Master Elite certification for roofers, only about 3% of HVAC contractors in the entire nation can say they qualify.

  • We’ve got a massive family of happy, satisfied customers. Our hundreds upon hundreds of reviews are a testament to that.
  • We’ve got a long track record of growth based on sound business and earning referrals.
  • We have a great process with all the systems we need for projects to go smoothly.
  • We have rock-solid quality control and assurance programs in place.

Do We Sound Like Your Kind Of Company?

Yep, we’re the kind of contractor you can trust around your home when you’re away. We’re professional from top to bottom and NEVER let our customers feel neglected. If we can help you and you’re in the Westchester County area, you can call (914) 855-1888 around the clock and use the contact form or book an appointment on our website.

We look forward to meeting you, and thanks for your time today.

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