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Should I Cover My Air Conditioner After Summer

November 29, 2022

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5 Tips For Covering Your Westchester NY
Air Conditioner In The Off-Season

Learn How To Protect Your AC After Summer To Ensure
Years Of Quality Performance

After a long hot summer, you want to give your AC a break and let it rest during the even longer Westchester winter months. As we shift into heater weather, it can be easy to forget about our AC units or be confused about how to protect them during the fall and winter.

It can be challenging to figure out the proper steps to keep your AC units safe from impending snow and ice. There are a number of contradictory statements on the internet on the subject of covering your AC unit, so we want to help clear the air.

Knowing how to protect your AC in the offseason adequately can give your unit years of added life and top performance. AC units are already built to withstand the outside elements, so it’s not completely necessary to cover your unit, although it can have some benefits.

When it comes to covering your AC after the summer, here are five things to know.

1. Why You Should Cover In The Fall

Many homeowners don’t understand why they should cover their AC units after the summer comes fall. There are several reasons fall is the most crucial season to protect your AC, as opposed to winter and spring.

Covering your unit in the fall helps protect it from falling leaves, tree branches, pine needles, and other debris. As your yard and trees start to lose their summer life, leaves and other small debris can quickly pile up and get stuck inside your AC units.

A clogged unit can be dangerous come spring and summer once we turn our ACs back on again. In addition to clogs, rotting debris can cause moisture buildup, damaging your unit and leading to costly repairs.

2. Pros And Cons Of A Winter Cover

Again, AC units are built to withstand the harsh Westchester winter weather, including snow, ice buildup, and extreme freezing temperatures. However, long-term exposure to these elements may cause damage to the AC’s coils over time.

Therefore, covering your unit during the winter or even before intense winter storms can save you money in repairs come summer and elongate the lifespan of your AC.

However, covering your AC during the winter can also have many negative consequences. Improper coverings can promote rusting and other internal damage and cause excessive moisture that can easily damage the electrical wiring or circuit boards.

3. The Right Cover Material Makes All The Difference

If you cover your AC unit after the summer, it’s vital to know which type of cover to use. Using the wrong kind of covering can do more harm than good to your unit.

Plastic or airflow-restrictive coverings will increase rusting and moisture, two things that are detrimental to your unit. Therefore, you’ll need to choose a cover made of a porous and breathable material that will allow ample air to flow through, as well as air vents.

Materials like PVC-coated mesh and woven polyester allow your unit to breathe while protecting it from the outside elements. Specific covers will come with different qualities like UV protection, water resistance, and air vents.

4. One Size Does Not Fit All

Finding the right size cover for your AC unit is vital in ensuring the cover serves its intention. Using a cover too large or too small can ultimately defeat the purpose, as it will fail to protect the AC unit altogether.

Covers come in different sizes for various AC units but also in different styles. Some covers only cover the top of the unit, while others cover the entire thing. For both types of coverings, ensure it comes with lock-down straps to keep the cover in place.

Some covers also come with adjustable straps to help fit the cover to the unit and keep debris out. Covers too large can make a welcoming home to small rodents in the offseason, making it extra important to find the right size cover for you.

5. Check Your AC Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Because using an AC cover in the offseason has so many pros and cons, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations. A manufacturer will know what is best for their products, ensuring you get the best performance from them.

Some manufacturers leave it up to the geographical location you’re in, as this significantly affects the need for a cover. There are also over types of protectors available that may be better for your specific unit.

For example, Trane AC units are best equipped with WeatherGuard™ Tops that only attach to the top of your unit and help keep leaves and debris out. These kinds of top protectors also work to channel rain and snow away from your air conditioner effectively.

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