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Should I Drain My Water Heater Annually?

February 21, 2023

How Often Should You Drain Your
Water Heater?

Keep Your Water Heater In Top Shape With Professional
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Maintaining your water heater is essential to keep it running efficiently, which means regular draining. Accumulated sediment and debris can cause your unit to become less effective at delivering hot water, so it’s important to have a professional inspect and clean your water heater regularly.

But how often should you do it? The answer depends on several factors, including the type and size of your tank, how much sediment has built up in it, and how much you use hot water. With an average American family using 30-60 gallons of hot water daily, a good rule of thumb is to drain your water heater once every six months.

When it’s time for a check-up, look no further than the professionals at Innovative Air to take care of all your water heater repair needs.

Why Is Draining Your Water Heater Important?

Draining a water heater can help remove sediment and hard minerals like limestone, gypsum, or chalk collected at the bottom of the tank. This buildup can lead to low efficiency over time by reducing the heat transfer from the heating element to the water.

The sediment can also cause corrosion in the tank, leading to rust and early failure or leaks. In addition, it can also lead to extra energy consumption as electric-heated tanks must work harder to heat the same volume of hot water.

Removing this sediment can extend the life of your tank and ensure that it continues to work properly for years to come.

How Often Should You Drain Your Water Heater?

Draining your water heater regularly can help prolong its life and reduce energy consumption. If your home has hard water or you notice a large amount of sediment at the bottom of your tank, flushing it every four months will ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Experts recommend that households with an electric tankless water heater drain their tanks once every six months. This will help flush out hard mineral deposits, such as calcium carbonate, which may have accumulated over time.

If you have an older electric tank-based system, accelerate this schedule by another two months, as it can accumulate more sediment buildup over time and is more prone to leaks than newer models. For gas-based heaters, flushing out tanks at least once yearly can prevent severe damage or efficiency loss.

Homes with multiple bathrooms or large families that use a lot of hot water should also increase the frequency of their flushing schedule. Also, newer models don’t always require flushing and draining at short intervals.

Signs That You Need To Drain Your Water Heater

Draining your water heater can be an involved process and is best left to the experts. But there are a few warning signs that you should watch for, which may indicate it’s time for a professional visit.

  • Unusual noises, such as clanking or popping sounds
  • A drop in water temperature
  • Rust stains nearby
  • Hot water running out quicker than usual
  • Tank taking longer to heat up
  • A leak around the tank’s base
  • Increased energy bills

If you see any of these signs, or if your water heater is more than 10 years old, it may be time for a professional inspection. A qualified technician can check for possible issues and help you decide if draining your water heater is necessary.

Should I Drain My Water Heater Or Call The Experts?

Professionals have the necessary tools and expertise to flush out sediment from the tank without damaging its components. Additionally, they know how to spot any potential problems during the process and can help resolve any issues before they become more serious.

In some cases, the experts may even be able to recommend a tank upgrade or repair that can improve your home’s hot water efficiency.

Maximize Efficiency And Prolong The Lifespan
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Innovative Air can help keep your unit running smoothly. As a Pearl-certified plumbing company, our professionals have the right training, skills, and experience to handle your hot water needs.

We can provide routine maintenance to inspect and clean the unit or assist with repairs and upgrades. Contact us today at (914) 855–1888 to schedule an appointment.

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