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Signs Your Water Heater Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

March 27, 2023

Signs Your Water Heater Needs To Be
Repaired Or Replaced

Recognize Potential Problems With Your Water Heater
Before They Strike

Wondering whether you need to repair or replace your water heater? Your water heater is an essential system in your home, providing hot showers and clean dishes. But if you’re having issues with your hot water, knowing when a simple repair is enough can save you a lot of money, time, and effort. Luckily, there are a few key signs you can look for when deciding.

When your system starts to fail, it can be an inconvenience and an unanticipated expense. A faulty water heater can lead to low water pressure, rust-tainted water, or even flooding in your home –  major headaches that disrupt your daily life and routine.

Though it is best to inspect your water heater periodically and maintain it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, there are a few telltale signs that it may be time for a new one. Call your residential plumbing repair company and get an assessment if you spot any of these issues.

No Hot Water

If there’s no hot water coming out of your faucets, then it’s likely that something is wrong with the heater itself – or its power source. This can be a faulty thermostat, pilot light issue, or low gas supply.

Additionally, the anode rod could be the source of your problem. The anode rod erodes over time and causes a reaction between the metal in your water heater and your home’s cold water supply.

While a lack of hot water is an inconvenience, it shouldn’t be ignored. As soon as you notice a lack of hot water, call the experts to rule out any issues with the parts.

Rust-Colored Water

If you see a reddish-brown color coming from your taps, there may be rust in the water. This could be caused by several issues, such as an old and corroded tank or pipes that are not up to standard.

When the internal lining of your tank has worn out, it begins to rust. This material then gets mixed with the water, and eventually, you will notice it in the shower or when you do laundry. Before the issue can lead to serious health concerns, schedule a comprehensive inspection by a professional.

Foul Odors

An off-putting stench usually indicates that your tank needs a good cleaning or that something is wrong with its parts. The underlying issue may be bacteria built up inside the tank, a malfunctioning heating element, or an accumulation of sediment.

Tackling this issue requires more than just a simple cleaning. Your professional plumber can use an inspection camera to determine the source of the odors and make any necessary repairs. They can also flush it and ensure the system is free of odors.

Unusual Noises

A build-up of pressure or sediment in the tank can cause loud banging, popping, or other strange noises in the heater. The sediment can harden and heat up when hot water is drawn out of the tank. This causes a rattling sound as it expands and contracts inside the tank.

Heating the sediment also releases hydrogen gas, which can create a rumbling noise. If you start to hear these noises, then it’s time to get your heater checked. Sediment builds over time, so having an experienced residential plumbing repair company inspect and clean your system every few years is essential for good maintenance.


If you see water puddles, it could be a sign that your water heater is malfunctioning. This might result from an obstructed pressure-relief valve or a broken connection between the pipes and the tank.

A leaking tank can also indicate that the unit is getting too old. A rusty or corroded container can cause water to start seeping out, leading to severe damage throughout your home if left unchecked.

Though a professional plumber can inspect the system and may be able to fix any minor issues, such as loose connections or valves, a serious leak indicates that the tank has deteriorated and worn out over time.

Innovative Air Solutions Offers Professional
Water Heater Repairs

At Innovative Air Solutions, our team of experienced plumbers can diagnose and repair any issue with your water heater. We offer comprehensive services such as pressure relief valve replacement, anode rod replacement, and tank cleaning. We’re a Pearl-certified company, so you can be sure that we use high-quality products and offer reliable services.

No matter the issue, we will diagnose and repair your water heater quickly and efficiently. Contact us today at (914) 855–1888 to learn more about our services.

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