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Rene’s Innovative Air Journey

November 30, 2021

Spotlight On Rene Torres

A Snapshot Of Rene’s Innovative Air Journey

The Beginning

Rene’s time at Innovative Air started EARLY. He was a young 18 year old, fresh out of high school, when he started as Michael’s assistant. That was in 2001.

We’ve been lucky to have Rene at Innovative Air ever since.

Rene bought his first car, met his wife, got married, had three children, and bought a home — all while at Innovative Air. And while his personal life evolved, he grew and developed as an employee and a leader.

The Middle

As Rene gained experience and skills, he began to become the ROLE MODEL employee. He was diligent. He was devoted. He followed policy and procedure to the tee. Most of all, he was the type of guy you only needed to say something once to.

When other technicians needed an example of how to keep a van orderly and protect your tools, Rene’s impeccable van and toolkit was what they learned from.

When employees needed training to brush up on their HVAC skills, Rene was the best one for the job.

Rene had a knack for staying focused on the job and on the customer. His energy had a ripple effect on those around him, and he motivated others by example.

Homeowners often requested Rene by name because he left such a great impression.

The Present

Now, Rene is lead installer and foreman. As a leader and an instrumental part of the Innovative Air team, Rene embodies the core values of Innovative Air. Employees look to him as an example of how they should be acting. Customers sense his complete focus on their happiness and his attention to detail.

In the words of Michael Carlo, CEO of Innovative Air: “Rene understands the philosophy that my brother and I have implemented. He just gets it.”

Rene is not just content with being an expert installer and foreman. He gives back to the company — by coming up with smart ideas and suggestions to help employees and customers. He’s extremely customer oriented — always giving feedback, protecting the customer’s best interests, and putting the health and safety of everyone first.

Next Step

Rene is representative of the kind of employees we have at Innovative Air. The diligent, caring, and meticulous kind. Contact Innovative Air to get your HVAC needs addressed by trustworthy, SOLID individuals.


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