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The Time We Swallowed A $3500 Cost…And Our Pride

November 30, 2021
Case Study

We Absorbed A $3500 Cost For A Customer,
And He Had NO IDEA

The Mistake May Not Have Been Ours…But We Fixed It Anyway.

Lots of companies say they have integrity, but when push comes to shove — their refrain is usually “mistakes happened, but not by us”. When A LOT of money is on the line, right and wrong tend to get a bit blurry.

But at Innovative Air, doing the right thing is NEVER optional. For us, the line between right and wrong is SET IN STONE. Integrity is something that is in our bones — it never goes away, and it’s impossible to ignore.

This story shows how our integrity plays out in REAL life — with real people and real money.

Attic Makeover

One of our long-time customers, who frequently used us for boiler and AC work, was interested in an attic makeover.

An attic makeover is pretty much what it sounds like. We remodel the attic by insulating it, sealing all crevices, and putting down plywood flooring to make it a functional space.

After a few days of work, we successfully transformed this customer’s attic into the ideal space to store things without having to worry about dirt, moisture, or mold.


We were in for an unpleasant surprise when the customer called to let us know that his AC was on the blink. He thought it might be related to the work we did in his attic.

We dispatched a technician right away to assess the problem. When he examined the AC system, he found a cracked drain pan. This was causing the drain to malfunction, and that caused the AC to stop working.

There were two possibilities:

  • Our technicians may have inadvertently leaned a piece of plywood against the AC in the attic and accidentally cracked the drain.
  • OR
    The crack had nothing to do with us and was there before we even arrived on the scene.

There was absolutely NO WAY to verify exactly what happened and find out who was really at fault.

No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts.

The homeowner wasn’t sure the damage was at all related to the work we did. We had no idea if it had ANYTHING to do with us.

So, we just went ahead and fixed his AC.

It ended up costing us $3500 because we needed to replace the evaporator coil. We replaced the coil, let the homeowner know that his AC was up and running, and called it a day.

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