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Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

January 10, 2023

Troubleshooting 101: Why Is My Furnace
Blowing Cold Air And How To Fix It

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During the winter, it’s crucial to have the heat you need to keep your home warm. But if you have a broken furnace, you might be wondering how you can fix it to keep your family comfortable. There are many reasons a home’s heater may not be working, ranging from issues the homeowner can fix to ones requiring professional attention from a heating company.

A broken furnace can be costly to replace. You may end up paying approximately $4,100-$6,800 for a new furnace, so it’s best to check out some furnace troubleshooting tips before taking the plunge.

If you’re asking, “Why is my heater blowing cold air?” our furnace troubleshooting tips may help to diagnose the problem. Researching and contacting a professional can help you safely and effectively address your home’s heating issues.

How Does A Furnace Work?

A furnace works by turning on the ignition switch, opening the gas valve, and turning on the draft fan to start a combustion process. This process warms up the furnace’s heat exchanger, and the room-temperature air is driven past it. Then the cool air absorbs the heat before being forced through your home’s air ducts.

If your furnace is not producing warm air, there could be several underlying issues, and you may need professional help to diagnose and fix them.

Let’s get into the reasons for a broken furnace:

The Pilot Light Is Not Working

The pilot light on a gas furnace helps ignite the burners and create heat. If you are experiencing cold air from the furnace, it may be time to check the pilot light.

Older gas furnaces are more prone to issues such as an extinguished pilot light or a faulty igniter. Without the pilot light, the burner will not light, and your furnace won’t be able to produce heat. You should follow the instructions outlined in your furnace’s instruction kit on relighting the pilot. Generally, you’ll need to:

  • Step 1: Locate the pilot assembly and reset the toggle near the bottom of the furnace.
    Step 2: Move the switch to the off position to deactivate the gas.
    Step 3: Wait a couple of minutes for any excess gas in the chamber to exit.
    Step 4: Move the switch to the ‘Pilot’ setting to allow gas to the pilot light.
    Step 5: Hold down the reset button while placing a match in front of the pilot light.
    Step 6: Observe the formation of the flame from the pilot light and then release the reset button.
    Step 7: Check for any gas leakages and address them immediately.
    Step 8: Turn the thermostat on to test that the pilot light is working correctly.
    Step 9: Repeat steps 1-8 if the pilot light fails to stay lit.
    Step 10: If all else fails, contact a professional for assistance.

Your Flame Detector Is Caked In Dirt

A dirty or grimy flame detector is another issue that can lead to a malfunctioning furnace. Without proper maintenance, dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate on the flame detector and prevent your furnace from activating the heating cycle.

To fix this issue, you must thoroughly clean the flame sensor or call a professional for assistance. Our team of HVAC experts can sanitize the flame detector to get your furnace up and running quickly. In addition to sanitizing the flame detectors, our experts can perform other maintenance tasks, including replacing filters, checking ignitions, and lubricating motors.

You Have Damaged Ductwork

Holes, cracks, or separations along the duct joints can cause cold air to escape from the furnace, resulting in a cold output from the vents. A damaged duct system can also allow cool air from outside to enter your home and mix with the heated air.

To determine if your ductwork is the cause of your heating problems, inspect the entire duct system for any visible damage or leakage. If you find an issue, you can repair it using mastic sealant and adhesive-backed metallic tapes. Contact a professional to inspect and repair the ductwork if the damage is extensive.

In addition to inspecting and repairing your home’s air ducts, our technicians can help identify other underlying issues with your heating system, such as a faulty thermostat or clogged filter.

Your Gas Supply Is Off Or Weak

Your furnace needs a steady flow of gas to produce heat. If the gas supply has been shut off or is weak, your furnace won’t be able to light, and it will fail to generate warm air.

To rectify this issue, check that the switch controlling your gas supply is in the ‘on’ position. If it is, try to relight the furnace manually. If this doesn’t work, you may need to have your gas line checked for any blockages or leaks. A qualified technician should do this job as it involves working with potentially dangerous gas lines.

Get Your Furnace Blowing Hot Air Again

As a Pearl-certified heating company, Innovative Air has the experience and skill to handle any furnace troubles you may have. Our team can quickly diagnose the problem and provide a reliable solution with complete attention to detail.

We also provide round-the-clock service, so you don’t have to wait hours or days to get the needed assistance. Contact us today at (914) 855-1888.

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