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Why You Should Get Your Heating Tune-Up Done By a Professional

October 12, 2022

5 Reasons To Use The Pros For Your Heater
Tune Up In Westchester County

Beat The Winter Cold By Getting A Professional
Heater Tune Up Today

It’s easy to forget about heater maintenance for your Westchester county home, but as the seasons change, you’ll be using your heater again in no time. So, now is the chance to plan for those incoming winter months by getting a heater tune up and ready to go.

No one wants to deal with heater problems in the thick of winter, so homeowners should make it essential to ensure their heaters are in prime shape for the brutal cold ahead. Getting your heater tuned up in advance ensures you and your family will stay warm all winter long.

It might be tempting to check your heater yourself, but using a professional is essential to ensure all elements of your heater are in working order. Plus, a professional brings specialized tools and experience with them, leaving you with total peace of mind.

Here are five reasons you should trust Innovative Air for your heater tune up.

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1. A Heater Tune Up Lessens The Need For Emergency Service

Professional heating technicians can spot a heater’s areas of concern before they become an emergency. A broken-down heater mid-winter is less than ideal and can cost a lot in emergency fees.

A heater tune up helps find and diagnose heater problems in the off-season, when it’s not in high demand and when it can be repaired promptly, yet not rushed. If you wait until your heater is in critical mode, you’ll pay the big bucks to fix it.

Additionally, by the time your heater is in desperate need of repair, chances are it’s using reserve processes, forcing extra strain on other parts of the heater. Due to their strenuous workload, these parts may also need replacement afterward.

2. Increases Your Heater’s Lifespan

Regular professional tune-ups increase your heater’s lifespan by ensuring it works optimally. By checking your heater’s electrical connections and measuring its voltage and currents on the motors, your heating system will enjoy a longer lifespan and function at its fullest potential.

When your heater works smoothly, all parts work in conjunction with each other. Therefore, all aspects of your heater remain in good working order and function as intended.

Heaters left unattended often risk burning out quicker, causing homeowners to replace them much more frequently than regularly maintained ones. Not only does this cost much more, but it is also a hassle and time-consuming.

3. Decreases Safety Risks In Your Home

When you get a professional heater tune up, you ensure your family’s health and safety. Not only will a tune-up help keep you safe, but it will also decrease the risk of your home’s carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

Professional heater tune-up procedures involve tightening electrical connections that can otherwise create dangerous effects. Tune-ups also check for improperly operating gas (or oil) connections, which are fire hazards and can lead to harmful leaks in your home.

A dirty burner or cracked gas heat exchanger causes improper burner operation, both of which can cause the equipment to operate less safely. Properly working system controls also ensure your heater is functioning correctly and safely.

By checking the start cycle of your heater, a professional can ensure the system starts, operates, and shuts off properly without any safety risks.

4. Gives Your Home More Energy Efficiency

Not only will a professional heater tune-up keep you comfortable and safe, but it’ll also save you money on utility bills. If your heater is not working at optimal output, you’ll likely see higher heating bills due to its energy inefficiency.

Adjusting your heater’s burners and ensuring they are clean, as well as inspecting its gas heat exchange for cracks, will increase the working output of your heater, making sure it’s not wasting unnecessary energy.

Checking the system controls also ensures it turns on and off correctly instead of constantly running and driving up your utility bills. HVAC technicians can also check your thermostat settings, programming it to use more energy-efficient temperatures while you’re away.

5. Saves You Money In The Long Run

It might be hard to see at first, but keeping up with regular heater maintenance will save you money overall. In addition to saving you money in heating bills, a heater tune up allows you to make minor, cheaper repairs before they become more significant and costly problems.

Plus, it’s always cheaper and easier to repair when you expect it, rather than wait till it’s a huge surprise. Fixing the issue when it’s still small and manageable will undoubtedly be more affordable than replacing the whole furnace.

Why spend thousands of extra dollars every few years when you can save yourself the hassle and wasted cash? A repair is always preferable to a replacement, so take advantage of regular professional maintenance before it’s too late.

Our Westchester County Heating Company Wants To Save
You Time And Money With A Regular Heater Tune Up

Our heating company has been working to ensure your heater keeps your Westchester County homes warm all winter for over 22 years. At Innovative Air, we perform a rigorous checklist during our heating tune-ups, ensuring we don’t forget anything.

Sign up for our maintenance program and receive the full benefits of our thorough inspections and priority service. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to schedule your heater tune-up because we’ll send you regular reminders. Our program’s flat rate ensures you’ll be saving lots of money in potential future repair costs!

Contact us today to get a free estimate and schedule your heater tune up!

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