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When it’s time to replace a worn-out furnace, heat pump, or boiler, Innovative Air is the top choice for homeowners. We install industry-leading heating products from Trane, and our attention to detail is meticulous.

When it comes to heater and furnace installation, we leave no stone unturned. First, we measure your home to determine the right-sized system for your needs. We then explore your options with you, always keeping your budget in mind. And when it comes time to replace your system, we perform precision installation and absolutely thorough cleanup.

Bottom line: We make your furnace installation experience low-stress, hassle-free, and high-quality. That’s a promise.

Benefits Of Heater Replacement

Despite the best maintenance services, sooner or later, your furnace or boiler will begin to show signs of aging and heavy use. If it has been more than 15 years since you’ve replaced your HVAC system, then now may be the perfect time to consider our furnace installation services.

Innovative Air offers quality support and cost-effective solutions to ensure that your home or business receives the right heating system for the job. We’ll likely recommend a furnace installation if you notice any of the following signs or symptoms:

You Need Frequent Repairs

Major repairs can restore your furnace or boiler to its original glory. But if you’re finding yourself calling for more and more solutions, a furnace replacement is likely the more beneficial option.

Soot Build-Ups

Again, machines may begin to show carbon buildup, which is a sign of exhaust issues and carbon monoxide dangers. If you notice grime building around the base of your furnace and you’re experiencing issues such as headaches or nausea, be sure to check for CO and make a call for fast assistance.

Yellow Pilot Light

The flame color of your pilot light can indicate trouble. Flickering yellow light, for example, can also indicate a heavy presence of carbon monoxide. Call immediately if you notice this issue!

Uneven Heating

Have you noticed cold spots in your home? Your furnace may be struggling to properly provide the heat needed to retain a comfortable temperature. Uneven heating may require a furnace installation.

Equipment Damage

A broken clamp may cause condensation to fill your blower motor, or a crack along the ducting can cause major energy loss. If you notice any structural concerns with your furnace, a full replacement may prove to be the best option.

Rising Energy Bills

If your furnace or boiler is struggling to properly heat your home, then you are sure to notice when it comes to your utility bill. A new furnace installation can provide drastic improvements in the billing department!

Consider A High-Efficiency Heating System

Almost all modern heating systems are high-efficiency. There are multiple benefits that any homeowner can take advantage of when they choose to install an energy-efficient heating system. Some of these benefits include…

  • Reducing your carbon footprint with a system that is better for the environment
  • Paying less in energy bills due to the unit running more efficiently
  • Requiring fewer repairs, as the system is more modern and designed to last
  • Fresh new parts and labor warranties to cover any surprises

We Don’t Cut Corners—EVER

When dealing with HVAC systems, being precise and exact is EXTREMELY important. There’s very little room for error. It’s just that simple.

At Innovative Air, we take the time to go through every single step, making sure not to overlook any details. This ensures that your new heating system operates at maximum performance after installation.

Bottom line: Our attention to detail is second to none—and our customers LOVE it.

Every Single Technician Undergoes A Field Test

We want to know how our technicians will act while they’re on the job. So we put them in the field BEFORE we hire them. This way, we can actually see how they’ll behave when they’re on the job.

These are some of the things we can gauge when sending potential employees into the field:

  • How do they interact with the customers?
  • Are they thorough and methodical?
  • Do they invest enough effort into their work?
  • Do they get along well with their coworkers?

We see A LOT about a person from the way they act when they’re out and about, instead of confined to a stuffy interview room. This process lets us make sure that every single one of our technicians embodies our core values.


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