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Want to weatherproof your home to make it more comfortable and energy efficient? Consider air sealing and rim joist insulation from Westchester County’s trusted HVAC company, Innovative Air.

You’ve probably heard that heat rises. What this means for you and your home is that any tiny crack or crevice at the top of your home will allow heated air to escape. This means that electrical outlets, the chimney, and vents all provide the perfect opportunity for your valuable heated air to exit your home.

Another part of your home that lets air leak out is the rim joist – the part of your home where your framing meets the foundation. Properly sealing your rim joist with insulation can help your home or office stay the right temperature, help with drafts, and keep your energy bills under control.

During the winter, when your heated air escapes through these crevices, your home can feel drafty and cold, despite the fact that your HVAC system is at full speed. Air sealing and rim joist insulation combat air loss and leaks, as well as keep your conditioned air where it should be.

While rim joist insulation helps control temperature, air sealing is wind control, infiltration, and exfiltration control.

Benefits Of Air Sealing & Rim Joist Insulation

Here are the benefits of sealing the gaps and crevices at the top and bottom (AC, furnace, duct, attic, etc.) of your Westchester County home…

Slash your heating and cooling costs:

Sealing the crevices in your home allows your heated and cooled air to stay in your home. This will enable your HVAC system to work less hard, and you’ll save money on energy bills.

Keep your HVAC system in mint condition:

Air sealing and rim joist insulation allow your HVAC system to work smarter instead of harder. Consequently, your HVAC system won’t have as much wear and tear, and it will be able to serve you well for many years.

Make your home more comfortable:

Draftiness, uneven heating, and cold floors are all symptoms of air leakage. Once the cracks in your home are sealed, you’ll have balanced comfort all year long.

Breathe less polluted air:

Aside from letting the air in your home out, the unsealed crevices in your home allow dirty air to come in. This results in polluted, allergen-laden, and just plain dirty air inside your home. Air sealing and rim joist insulation make sure that no contaminated outdoor air gets into your home.


The Rim Joist Insulation Process

Rim joists can cause more air leakage than your windows because they lie so close to your home’s foundation where air settles. It’s also an area where critters enter your home (spiders, insects, mice, etc.).

Here’s a quick overview of our highly efficient rim joist insulation process:

Lower your utility bills:

Once the cooled and heated air in your home isn’t escaping through your attic, your utility bills will go down and you’ll be able to save money.

Keep your room temperature even:

When your attic isn’t insulated properly, your home temperature is unstable. Once your attic is insulated, the temperature will be comfortably balanced throughout your home.

Make your attic a pleasant and useful space:

When your attic is insulated, the temperature is regulated. This gives your attic a more comfortable and pleasant feel.

Prevent water from seeping into your home:

When heated air from your home escapes into the attic, this can lead to condensation and unwanted moisture.

Increase the efficiency of your HVAC system:

Proper insulation helps your HVAC system out by keeping in the heated and cooled air. This allows it to work at maximum efficiency.

Ward off damage to your home:

An uninsulated attic leaves your home exposed to the elements. This means that water vapor, critters, and pollution can enter your home. Attic insulation protects you from all this.

Anybody can buy insulation from a big-box store. But if you’re not certified in insulating your attic the right way, the results can be… well, not great. Insulating your attic is by no means a simple DIY project. It takes training, effort, and lots of know-how.

We’re fanatical about doing everything the RIGHT WAY. We’re up to date on the latest technologies and we’re armed with the most recent recommendation from Energy Star. When you call on us to insulate your attic, you can be 100% certain that we’ll do a perfect job.

Take It To The NEXT LEVEL With An Attic Makeover

Insulating your attic is one thing. But have you ever thought about making your attic a useful space? Your attic is taking up valuable space and it’s just sitting there doing nothing all day long. What if you can use that space to create a clean and safe place for storage (or anything else you want to use it for)?

Innovative Air can do just that — and more.

When we give your attic a makeover, we’ll convert it from an unpleasant, unclean, and musty space into a well-insulated, fresh area to be used for valuable storage space, or anything else you have in mind.

An attic makeover is NOT a purely aesthetic upgrade. During the course of an attic makeover, we are also going to help ensure that your attic space is laid out in a way that helps to improve the overall ventilation and the insulation of your home. This can be especially helpful in older homes where the attic space wasn’t designed to the same standard of efficiency and economy that many homes today are built with.

Make your attic an easily accessible and pleasant environment, while improving your entire home’s ventilation and insulation. Call Innovative Air today to find out how we can upgrade YOUR attic.

We Don’t Cut Corners EVER

Cut a corner here and another corner there and you end up with a circle instead of a square. That is why we’re 100% precise and meticulous when insulating your attic and other areas of your home.

Sealing your attic involves lots of details and small (but important) steps. If we decide to skip one ‘tiny’ step because we didn’t have our coffee that day, YOU will feel the pinch (in the form of expenses and stress). There’s precious little room for error — actually, there’s NO room for error. That’s why we don’t err. Period.

At Innovative Air of Westchester County, it’s ALL about the details. We take the time to go through every single step, making sure not to overlook ANYTHING. And our thoroughness pays off — just read our customer reviews.


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