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Do you need a total plumbing renovation, such as new piping for water, waste, and ventilation? Or something smaller scale like a new fixture installation?

We’re trained and experienced in a wide range of plumbing installs:


Steam and water boilers:


Hot water heaters:

Both tank and tankless on demand


Yours or Ours – for sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers

Re-piping for water, vent, or waste:

Including total renovations or Smaller projects

Drain replacements:

Including drain renovations

Water treatments:

Including whole-house filtration and Reverse Osmosis

Gas piping:

Add-ons, Code legalizations, and Oil to gas upgrades

Appliance hook-ups:

Including relocations


Whether you need large-scale re-piping, minor faucet installation, or plumbing repairs, we treat every job we do with the respect and attention it deserves.

Why Plumbing Installation Is Not D.I.Y.

Are you thinking of rolling up your sleeves, watching a few dozen YouTube videos, and trying to hack plumbing installation on your own? DON’T.

Here’s why:

You may not know all your options:

Did you know that you can have a tankless water heater installed? Or that there are toilets out there that save you money and toilets that waste money (and on the surface, they look pretty much the same)? Call us to get an HONEST overview of all your options.

There’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong:

Forget to tighten ONE pipe or miss ONE screw, and, well… it can mess everything up. Do you really want to take that risk? Instead, call Innovative Air — the company that NEVER takes ANY risks.

Calling a plumber after you tried installing something on your own is more expensive:

You might be saving money now… but if you mess up and need to call a plumber, you’ll be paying twice as much.

There’s no way for you to know if you installed it incorrectly… until it stops working:

Don’t wait to find out if you did everything right. Instead, call us to have NO DOUBT that it’s installed PERFECTLY.


Our Plumbing Installation Services

Regardless of what kind of plumbing service you need – our expert plumbers are highly trained and ready to tackle any kind of plumbing task.

  • Toilet installation: There are extremely energy-efficient and smart toilets on the market today that can save you a bundle and make your life easier. If you are considering upgrading your toilets, give our local plumbers a call today.
  • Faucet installation: Installing new kitchen and bathroom faucets is a popular home renovation project. Instead of putting it on your to-do list, call Innovative Air for a professional job.
  • Water heater installation: If your water heater is on the fritz, or you want a more energy-efficient water heater, give us a call. Our licensed plumbers can install a traditional or a tankless water heater quickly and efficiently.
  • Boiler installation: A new boiler can add value and comfort to your home, especially during the cold winter months here in Westchester County. Call our professional plumbers for a new boiler installation service today.

Why Get A Heat Pump Hot Water Heater?

Huge, unwieldy, and energy-wasting water heater tanks can be a thing of the past (if you want it to be).

Compared with water heater tanks, tankless water heaters:

  • Last much longer.
  • Use way less energy.
  • Provide limitless hot water.
  • Lower utility bills.
  • Are very low maintenance.

Thinking about getting a heat pump? Call us to find out more info.

We TALK To Our Customers

In the age of texting and email, the simple PHONE CALL is king at Innovative Air. More than anything else, we tell our employees to PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL THE CUSTOMER.

A customer sent a long email with specifications for their project. PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL. This way, the customer can rest easy knowing we received their requests and we’re going to do everything we can to fulfill them.

Have the materials for the customer’s plumbing installation arrived? Follow up with the customer BY PHONE so that they know we didn’t forget about them and we’re 100% on top of their project.

Need to inform a customer about the occasional minor mishap or delay? Don’t hide behind a formal email… PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL.

When you hear our voice, and we hear yours, we can sense how you feel and let you know what we’re doing to help you.

An email doesn’t come close to this kind of human connection — no matter how well-written it is.

Find out more about the way we communicate.


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