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When your toilet overflows or your water heater calls it quits, you need a plumber YESTERDAY. Enter Innovative Air: Our licensed plumbing experts provide 24-hour plumbing repair services.

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We’re smart, highly trained, and focused on perfection — and we’re well-known for that.

Whether it’s the drip… drop… drip… drop of the kitchen sink that’s driving you mad or a toilet that just won’t stop running, give us a call. Our plumbing experts specialize in “Done Once, Done RIGHT” plumbing repair – for fair and honest pricing.

Common Plumbing Repairs We Perform

At Innovative Air, we get called on to handle a wide variety of different plumbing repairs ranging from simple to incredibly complex. That being said, there are a number of common repairs that we are frequently called on to address, including these…

Low Water Pressure Repair

Low water pressure throughout your home generally means one of two things. Either you have a leak somewhere in your system that hasn’t been detected yet, or the flow of water is being otherwise blocked somewhere in your system.

Whatever the case may be, our team of professionals can give you a thorough inspection to find the cause of the issue and get it sorted out in no time.

Running Toilet Repair

While having a toilet that constantly runs might seem fairly unimportant in the grand scheme of things, all of that extra running water is going to show up at the end of the month on your water bill.

When your toilet doesn’t stop running, give our team of experts a call and let us help you save money on water costs.

Leak Repair

Leaks cover a fairly broad category of plumbing issues, but no matter where the leak might be or how severe it is, a leak is something that you always want to have cleared up as quickly as possible. In addition to spiking your monthly water bills because of the water you will be losing, leaks also pose a serious danger to your home’s overall structure.

If you don’t take care of these leaks quickly, you could find yourself with an even bigger issue on your hands in no time at all. Call the experts at Innovative Air, and we’ll eliminate those leaks for GOOD.


Our Average Employee Has Been With Us For Over 10 YEARS

At Innovative Air, our employees are not just faces and names — they are people who matter and who share our values. The connection between all of us is STRONG and much more than just a working relationship.

Over the years, we’ve had a few employees leave and come back because they hated the lack of accountability, cutting corners, and dishonesty they experienced with other companies. At Innovative Air, they feel part of something good.

People ask us all the time what our secret is for our rock-solid employee retention. The secret is that there’s no secret.

Doing things RIGHT, treating people RIGHT, and putting the RIGHT thing above all else makes your employees (and customers) want to be around you. Read more about our obsession with doing the RIGHT thing.

We Don’t Take The Easy Way Out — EVER

If there was a bible for Innovative Air, the first commandment would be ‘THOU SHALL NOT EVER TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT.’

And not taking the easy way out doesn’t just mean doing the job properly. It means:

  • Really caring about whether the customer is happy
  • Taking extra steps to make sure the equipment is sturdy
  • Getting to the bottom of the problem and fixing it entirely — even if that takes a lot of time and effort
  • Tying up ALL loose ends when the job is done — especially taking the time to tell the customer how to care for their HVAC system

Read more about how we pay extreme attention to detail.

Plumbing Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs

The best way to prevent costly plumbing repairs is with regular plumbing maintenance. Ignoring small issues can likely lead to costly and extensive repairs later on. Our professional plumbers can help inspect your property, providing checks and minor fixes as needed to ensure that your home or business runs smoothly in the months to come.


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