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Bedford is a town with a rich history and an abundance of historically significant architecture. When it comes to achieving complete home comfort and peace of mind, many residents in Bedford turn to the pros at Innovative Air for assistance. Our local HVAC and plumbing company has the training, experience, and equipment needed to provide fast and efficient services to locals in need. We can discuss your property needs and come up with an effective plan to address any problems in a timely manner.

If you’re in need of service in Bedford, be sure to turn to our professionals for complete peace of mind. Innovative Air offers a full range of services to Bedford residents, including heating repairs and replacements, AC repairs and service, plumbing installations and solutions, insulation and air sealing services, indoor air quality control, and more.

We’re DIFFERENT — Here’s How

Unusual Attitude: When we make a mistake WE OWN IT. We don’t hem or haw or try to get to the “root” of the problem. We just fix it and move on.

Extraordinary Workmanship: Good enough is NOT good enough. We mean this literally. All repairs, maintenance, and installations that we do are NOTICEABLY higher quality, more detailed, and more durable than average. Read more about how we pay attention to detail.

Single Minded Pursuit of Customer Happiness: It’s your home so you’re the one who needs to be thrilled. And if you’re not, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you are. Read more about how we think and act.

Listen Up Bedford Homeowners: 5 Vital Questions To Ask Your HVAC Contractor

Can you describe your hiring process?

We have a unique way of determining if a technician is up to Innovative Air standards — we put them in the field before hiring them. This way we can see how they’ll act when they’re on the job.

When can I reach you?

We’re available 24/7. No matter what day it is, or what time it is — we’re there to answer your call and help you out.

Do you have a good warranty?

Yes, we have an ironclad lifetime guarantee. Once you’re our customer, we’re always there for you.

Can I hear from your previous customers?

Absolutely. Read our reviews here.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been providing HVAC services in Westchester County and surrounding cities for over 20 years!

Why Innovative Air?
  • Lifetime Guarantee – Once a customer, always a customer. We NEVER leave you stranded.
  • Integrity – In 20 years we’ve given back over a million dollars worth of service — because it was the right thing to do.
  • Attention To Detail – We have an in-house carpenter because we are hyper focused on doing everything precisely and perfectly.
  • Communication – We always make sure to say what we mean and do what we say.

Complete List Of HVAC Services In Bedford, NY


Heat Your Home, Warm Your Heart: Our heating solutions infuse every space with coziness. Picture nights wrapped in blankets, sipping cocoa, as every corner radiates comfort and care.


Chilled Spaces, Chilled Vibes: Our home cooling solutions redefine summer luxury. Imagine every room becoming a retreat, where the sun’s heat is no match for the cool comfort we bring.


Step into a world where your plumbing problems vanish, and comfort reigns supreme. ‘We Handle the Drips, You Handle the Cheers’ is not just a motto; it’s our commitment to ensuring your home stays dry and delightful. Let us take care of the plumbing hassles, so you can enjoy life without interruption.


Embrace the Warmth Revolution: With our insulation services, your home becomes a sanctuary. Imagine cozy nights, snuggled in warmth, courtesy of our expertise in thermal comfort.

Air Quality

Harmony in Every Breath: Our indoor air quality services engineer environments where every inhalation is infused with purity. Say goodbye to pollutants, embrace freshness, and revel in serenity.

Local Reviews
for Bedford, NY

Gary P.

Gary P.

Maintenance on AC system

Near Middle Patent Rd, Bedford, NY 10506
Bedford, NY - Maintenance on AC system
Bryan S.

Bryan S.

Replacement of a Carrier Central Air Conditioning System!

Near Millertown Rd, Bedford, NY 10506
Bedford, NY - Replacement of a Carrier Central Air Conditioning System!
Gary P.

Gary P.

Maintenance on oil boiler

Near Middle Patent Rd, Bedford, NY 10506

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