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A suburb of NYC, Thornwood is one of the most sought after places to live in New York. In Thornwood, and across the Westchester County area, Innovative Air Solutions is well known for providing exceptional HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance.

Every single person you interact with at our company has the goal of making sure you’re 100% satisfied with the work we do. You can feel confident working with Innovative Air Solutions because we stand behind our work every step of the way.

We’re The Number One Westchester County HVAC Company

Attitude: Every one of our employees is selected for their attitude just as much as their expertise. Attitude makes all the difference when it comes to being honest, accepting accountability, and communicating empathically.

Workmanship: When we fix, maintain, or install something HVAC related, we always do MORE than the average company. We pay closer attention to detail and we do higher quality work. Read more about how we pay attention to detail.

Pursuit of customer happiness: Our number one goal is your satisfaction, and this guides everything we do. Read more about how we think and act.

ATTN Thornwood Homeowners: 5 Smart Questions To Ask Your HVAC Contractor

Can you describe your hiring process?

We have a unique way of determining if a technician is up to Innovative Air standards — we put them in the field before hiring them. This way we can see how they’ll act when they’re on the job.

When can I reach you?

We’re available 24/7. No matter what day it is, or what time it is — we’re there to answer your call and help you out.

Do you have a good warranty?

Yes, we have an ironclad lifetime guarantee. Once you’re our customer, we’re always there for you.

Can I hear from your previous customers?

Absolutely. Read our reviews here.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been providing HVAC services in Westchester County and surrounding cities for over 20 years!

Why Innovative Air?
  • Lifetime Guarantee – Once a customer, always a customer. We NEVER leave you stranded.
  • Integrity – In 20 years we’ve given back over a million dollars worth of service — because it was the right thing to do.
  • Attention To Detail – We have an in-house carpenter because we are hyper focused on doing everything precisely and perfectly.
  • Communication – We always make sure to say what we mean and do what we say.

Complete List Of HVAC Services In Thornwood, NY


Summer is a long gone memory and there are icicles hanging from your roof. What’s the worst possible thing that can happen right now…?


There are loads of synonyms for ‘hot’ and not one of them inspires feelings of comfort and relaxation. The fact is, summer is beautiful and nice when you have a cool place to come home to after a long hot day.


When your plumbing is humming in your Westchester County home, all is good in the universe. But when it’s not — it’s hard to think about anything else.


You work hard to keep your home comfortable in every season. Insulate your attic to stop your money and comfort from leaking through the gaps in your home.

Air Quality

If you look at your indoor air under a microscope, you’ll probably be surprised — and not in a pleasant way. You’ll find a swirling mixture of contaminants like mold spores, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, and other pollutants.

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for Thornwood, NY

Gary P.

Gary P.

A/c maint

Near Benedict Ave, Thornwood, NY 10594
Thornwood, NY - A/c maint
Bryan S.

Bryan S.

Replacement of Amana Heat Pump and Central Air Conditioning System!

Near Grandview Ln, Thornwood, NY 10594
Thornwood, NY - Replacement of Amana Heat Pump and Central Air Conditioning System!

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