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Let’s be honest: HVAC companies don’t have the best reputation for communication.

Unanswered phone calls. Unreturned emails and voicemails. An unwillingness to clearly explain problems and solutions. These are just a few “failure-to-communicate” frustrations Westchester County homeowners have with HVAC contractors.

Innovative Air is different.

We’re the heating and cooling company that communicates with you every step of the way. Our technicians know exactly when to talk, and when it’s time to stop and listen to YOU talk. They know how to talk clearly and empathetically. And they know how to really listen to what you’re saying.

We pay attention to language and tone of voice. We’re clued into body language. And we NEVER talk over you, tune you out, or not let you get a word in edgewise.

We Communicate “Old School” Style

No matter how much personality or enthusiasm you try to inject into an email, it can’t compare to a real live human voice. When you hear a human voice, you don’t just hear words. You feel the warmth, nuance, and authenticity of another person. It’s a whole lot easier to connect with another person voice to voice, than through a string of emails.

That’s why we drill into every single Innovative Air employee: No matter who, no matter what – if there’s miscommunication or details that need to be straightened out – CALL THE CUSTOMER.

Our habit of responding to emails with a phone call shows customers that they matter to us, that they’re worth the time it takes to pick up the phone and call them, and that we WANT them to be happy.

One (And ONLY One) Point Man From Beginning To End

On the very rare occasion we receive a negative response from a homeowner, 9 times out of 10 it was because the expectations weren’t conveyed clearly. It’s easy for lines to get crossed and information to get muddled when you’re dealing with multiple people.

That’s why we KEEP IT SIMPLE. Every customer has only ONE person they communicate with. There’s no endless rotation of new faces and new names – just ONE person and ONE name to remember.

Our senior project manager is the SINGLE point of contact for text messages, phone calls, emails…and any other forms of communication between our customers and Innovative Air.

If a customer has anything they need to convey, they know exactly who to speak to. And when we need to communicate with the customer, we do it through the project manager, whom they already know and trust.

Call the HVAC company who calls you back. Contact Innovative Air.


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